Pedestal Systems

Effectively draining water from a roof or plaza is a critical issue for every building. By using an elevated paver system, water is channeled away from the roof surface, reclaiming lost space. Hanover® has developed several pedestal systems to achieve level plaza deck surfaces – even those with unusual slope-to-drain configurations. Hanover® Pedestal Systems are created to work together to accommodate a variety of roof slopes.
High-Tab® Pedestal
When leveling shims are needed, Hanover's High-Tab® Pedestal provides a spacer tab with increased height, greatly improving installations. Other pedestals lose spacer tab height as pedestals are stacked, allowing pavers to shift.The added spacer tab height of Hanover's High-Tab® will secure each paver in its proper location.
● 7” across flats, 5/8” thick, 1/8” spacer
● Increased spacer tab height
● Prevents paver misalignment
● Can be stacked without losing the performance of a higher tab
● Creates a more solid feel
● Can be used with other Hanover® Pedestal Systems
Flexible Leveling Shims
Final leveling adjustments can be made with Hanover's flexible Leveling Shims. These shims are rubber-like, preventing paver movement and providing a more solid feel. They will not slide as they eliminate “rigid on rigid” placement. Thicknesses are available in 1/8” (white) or 1/16” (black).
● 7” across flats, white: 1/8” thick, black 1/16”
● Color coded for easy thickness identification
● Can be separated into halves or quarters
● Flexible, rubber-like material
● Eliminates paver movement
● Can be used with other Hanover® Pedestal Systems
5" Rubber Pedestal & Leveling Shims
A flexible paver support pedestal, allowing pavers to follow the contour of a roof. The Rubber Pedestal is suitable for both Architectural and Ballast applications where water drainage is required. When used in ballast applications, roof membranes are protected from the pavers. This 3/8” fixed height pedestal incorporates 1/8” spacer tabs and leveling shims to make installation easy. This pedestal is not stackable and must be considered only for low elevation support requirements.
● 3/8” thick, 1/8” spacer
● Flexible Rubber allows pavers to follow the roof contour
● Resistant to ozone and severe weather conditions
● Not stackable
● 1/8” and 1/16” Rubber Leveling Shims
Elevator® Pedestal System
The Elevator® Pedestal System is an adjustable height pedestal system designed for elevated paver applications. Consisting of a Base, Top Plate, Coupler, StayBar®, and EdgeFinder®, the Elevator® System can accommodate paver heights above 2” up to 24”. Components can be interchanged to achieve the desired elevation with precise adjustments being made with a simple turn.
● Interchangeable components to achieve desired elevation : Base, Top Plate, Coupler
● 3 Base & Top Plate heights to choose from : 2”, 3” or 4” [ PEDESTALS BY HEIGHT ]
● Several Top Plate designs with low or high tabs: 4 tab, 3 tab, no tab
● Coupler increase paver height by 2 ½” – 4”
● StayBar® is available for required cross bracing for elevations of 16”-24”
● EdgFinder® can act as an edge restraint when necessary [ VIEW DATA ]
● Additional Information & Disclaimers [ VIEW DATA ]
Compensator® Leveling System
The Compensator® is a specially designed tapered, circular base made of high density plastic. When used with Hanover's Paver Support Pedestals, the Compensator® will allow the installer to easily achieve a level surface for the paver installations.
● 7 ¾” diameter, ½” thick
● Designed to reverse the roof slope and create a level surface
● Tapered circular base with unique twist-to-adjust design
● Provides horizontal and joint alignment when used with Hanover® Pedestals
Hanover® Spacer Tabs
In order to keep joints consistent when installing Hanover® Pedestal® Pavers, Spacer Tabs are available. Not visible from the surface after installation is complete, these flexible rubber-like spacers are placed between each paver to maintain an even 1/8” joint and provide water access to below surface drainage.
● Overall width : 2 13/16”
● Maintains consistent 1/8” joint
● Available in an X or T shape to accommodate various paving designs
Hanover® Perimeter Spacer
Creating an edge restraint for roof paver applications, Hanover's NEW Perimeter Spacer has been designed for conditions in which pavers must be cut to fit along the roof perimeter. The Perimeter Spacer's spring action design allows for easy installation and helps to maintain a tight roof paver system. The slots of the Perimeter Spacer fit onto the tabs of the Elevator® Top Plate or High-Tab® Pedestal. Adjustments are easily made by sliding the spacer to fit snugly along the edge of the paver.
● Provides an edge restraint for roof paver applications.
● Creates a buffer between the paver and the flashing.
● Compatible with the Elevator® Top Plate or High-Tab® Pedestal
● Available in the same gray as other Hanover® Pedestal Systems