Architectural Prest® Pavers

Innovative Pavers for Innovative Projects

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Architectural Cast Stone
Hanover´s ability to produce precast products that complement Hanover® Pavers creates the opportunity for a completely "finished" product. Each detail can be coordinated. Custom coping, stair treads and risers, wall caps, pedestrian bollards and many other site furnishings can be produced so that the aggregates and colors will match or accent within the site.

Detectable Warning® Pavers
Persons with visual impairments depend upon environmental cues of potential hazards, ambient sounds and physical elements that can be sensed by a cane or texture changes underfoot. Any pedestrian area requiring the use of a detectable warning surface can utilize the Detectable Warning® Paver. The distinctively textured walking surface can help to warn pedestrians of an impending hazard on the route ahead.

Multisided Paver System
Hanover® manufacturers a two piece system using an octagonal paver (15 7/8" across flats) and a square paver (6 9/16") as well as a hexagonal paver in two sizes, 15 7/8" and 23 1/2" across flats,

Pavers On-Grade
Natural stone, particularly granite, has long been considered the first choice for buildings and walkways. Hanover's Architectural Concrete Paver line has the characteristics and the performance of natural stone, but can offer the project an economical alternative. Using extreme hydraulic pressure, HanoverĀ® bonds crushed limestone and granite together, duplicating the forces of nature and producing a naturally beautiful Reconstructed Stone® Paver.

Pavers For Pools
A pool deck of Hanover® Pavers will also provide a durable, flexible pavement which enables easy access to piping and utilities beneath with minimal disruption of the surface. Since the paver installation can gently accommodate seasonal ground movements, unit pavers can work with nature eliminating unsightly cracking. Hanover® Pavers are a perfect choice for pool installation.

SlateFace® Pavers
This paver has been designed to reproduce the texture, color and appearance of natural slate. Its irregular top surface was developed from actual sections of stone. Although custom colors can be produced, the pavers are stocked in Hanover´s own BlueStone and Tennessee Flagstone colors. By rotating the direction of the pavers during installation the natural effect is complete.

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